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Lucy fears that if Ricky keeps refusing to hire her as part of his night club act, she may just have a nervous breakdown. She suffers from the "three stages" of one-amnesia, delusions of being a show business star, and regression to childish behavior. Ricky learns of the trick and quickly turns the tables by inviting a "doctor" to the house to examine Lucy!


I Love Lucy Episodes
Season 1 The Girls Want to Go to a NightclubBe A PalThe DietLucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder HerThe Quiz ShowThe AuditionThe SéanceMen are MessyThe Fur CoatLucy is Jealous of Girl SingerDraftedThe AdagioThe BenefitThe Amateur HourLucy Plays CupidLucy Fakes IllnessLucy Writes a PlayBreaking the LeaseThe BalletThe Young FansNew NeighborsFred and Ethel FightThe MustacheThe GossipPioneer WomenThe Marriage LicenseThe KleptomaniacCuban PalsThe FreezerLucy Does a TV CommercialThe Publicity AgentLucy Gets Ricky on the RadioLucy's ScheduleRicky Thinks he's Getting BaldRicky Asks for a Raise
Season 2 Job SwitchingThe SaxophoneThe Anniversary PresentThe HandcuffsThe OperettaVacation from MarriageThe CourtroomRedecoratingRicky Loses His VoiceLucy is EnceintePregnant Women Are UnpredictableLucy's Show Biz Swan SongLucy Hires an English TutorRicky Has Labor PainsLucy Becomes a SculptressLucy Goes to the HospitalSales ResistanceInferiority ComplexThe Club ElectionThe Black EyeLucy Changes Her MindNo Children AllowedLucy Hires a MaidThe Indian ShowLucy's Last BirthdayThe Ricardos Change ApartmentsLucy is MatchmakerLucy Wants New FurnitureThe Camping TripRicky and Fred Are TV FansNever Do Business With Friends
Season 3 Ricky's Life StoryThe Girls Go Into BusinessLucy and Ethel Buy the Same DressEqual RightsBaby PicturesLucy Tells the TruthThe French RevueRedecorating the Mertzes' ApartmentToo Many CrooksChanging the Boys' WardrobeLucy Has Her Eyes ExaminedRicky's Old GirlfriendThe Million-Dollar IdeaRicky Minds the BabyThe Charm SchoolSentimental AnniversaryFan Magazine InterviewOil WellsRicky Loses His TemperHome MoviesBonus BucksRicky's Hawaiian VacationLucy Is EnviousLucy Writes a NovelLucy's Club DanceThe Black WigThe DinerTennessee Ernie VisitsTennessee Ernie Hangs OnThe Gold GameThe Sublease
Season 4 The Business ManagerMertz and KurtzLucy Cries WolfThe MatchmakerMr. and Mrs. TV ShowRicky's Movie OfferRicky's Screen TestLucy's Mother-In-LawEthel's BirthdayRicky's ContractGetting ReadyLucy Learns to DriveCalifornia, Here We Come!First StopTennessee BoundEthel's Home TownL.A., At LastDon Juan and the StarletsLucy Gets Into PicturesThe Fashion ShowThe Hedda Hopper StoryDon Juan is ShelvedBull Fight DanceHollywood AnniversaryThe Star UpstairsLucy in Palm SpringsDancing StarHarpo MarxRicky Needs an AGentThe Tour
Season 5 Lucy Visits Grauman'sLucy and John WayneLucy and the DummyRicky Sells the CarThe Great Train RobberyHomecomingFace to FaceLucy Goes to a RodeoNursery SchoolRicky's European BookingThe PassportsStaten Island FerryBon VoyageSecond HoneymoonLucy Meets the QueenThe Fox HuntLucy Goes to ScotlandParis at LastLucy Meets Charles BoyerLucy Gets a Paris GownLucy in the Swiss AlpsLucy Gets Homesick in ItalyLucy's Italian MovieLucy's Bicycle TripLucy Goes to Monte CarloReturn Home from Europe
Season 6 Lucy and Bob HopeLittle Ricky Learns to Play the DrumsLucy Meets Orson WellesLittle Ricky Gets Stage FrightVisitor from ItalyOff to FloridaDeep-Sea FishingDesert IslandThe Ricardos Visit CubaLittle Ricky's School PageantI Love Lucy Christmas ShowLucy and the Loving CupLucy and SupermanLittle Ricky Gets a DogLucy Wants to Move to the CountryLucy Hates to LeaveLucy Misses the MertzesLucy Gets Chummy With the NeighborsLucy Raises ChickensLucy Does the TangoRagtime BandLucy's Night in TownHousewarmingBuilding a B-B-QCountry Club DanceLucy Raises TulipsThe Ricardos Dedicate a Statue

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